Customer Testimonials

Attention to Detail – Sherry and Warren B

Our home is a small house in Hiram that was built over a century ago. The attention to detail when installing the siding gave this old house a face lift and it now looks like the home we fell in love with 37 years ago. – May 2013

Sherry and Warren B

So Pleased with Everything – Jon and Sandi P

Thank you so much for the great job on our windows and door. We are so pleased with everything. We will keep your number handy if we should need anything else done. Thank you again.

Jon and Sandi P

Great job on our house – Katie S

Great job on our house! Everything’s well done; the roof looks nice and we’re enjoying the new windows. Mom really likes the enlarged windows!

Katie S

Quality Workmanship and Professionalism – Larry D

Thank you for the wonderful new “red roof”! We appreciated the quality workmanship and professionalism of your crew. They were very nice and did an excellent job on our new roof. We couldn’t be happier! – July 2012

Larry D

Pleasure Having Your Crew Work on My House – Lynne B

It was a pleasure having you and your crew work on my house. I appreciate the care they took with my chimney. My neighbor four doors down may be doing her roof next year and I recommended you.

Lynne B

Thank You for Fixing Our Roof – Linda and Dan S

I just want to thank you so much for fixing our roof. On this type of day in the past we would have had water coming in and buckets all round our new addition. We did not have any for the first time in 7 years! Thank you so much. – Feb 2013

Linda and Dan S

Very Professional Installation of Shingles – Charles H

First, thank you for providing a very professional installation of shingles at our home. My wife and I were impressed with the conscientious manner in which the lads treated the landscaped yard and the general way they left the site each night. The roofs look very good and will last through my lifetime. We would recommend Hershberger Roofing and Siding to anyone. – April 2009

Charles H

Efficient, Courteous, Professional – William V

We are writing to express our sincere appreciation for the work performed at our home by David Hershberger and his team. David and his men were efficient, courteous, professional and did exceptional work.

William V

Great Job including Cleanup – Russ H

Your crew did a great job (including the clean-up)! We will certainly recommend you to any potential customer.

Russ H

Great Workmanship – Joseph and Patricia B

Thank you for your great workmanship. You have a great bunch of young men working for you. We are very happy with the job and will be happy to recommend you to our friends. – June 2011

Joseph and Patricia B

Impressed with Camaraderie and Direction – Grace H

In this day and age, it is difficult to find people who take pride in their work. I was impressed with the camaraderie and direction in the duties of you and your crew.

If you ever want a reference, I would be most pleased to do that for your business. Again, my deepest thanks for your fine job. – June 2005

Grace H

Extremely Professional from Start to Finish – Rhonda H

Your crew was extremely professional from start to finish. I was also amazed at how fast and focused they were. – October 2009

Rhonda H

Pleased with the Quality of Your Crew – Dave V

Enclosed is payment for the fine work you performed in correcting a miserable roof installation by the original builder. I was particularly pleased with the quality of your crew: hard working, pleasant, nice to have around, safe, and efficient. – November 2005

Dave V

Wonderful Job – Linda F

Thank you for a wonderful job.

Linda F

Great Job – Patrick O

You guys did a great job.

Patrick O

Thank You for the Care of our Home – Jay M

The Leaf Solution gutter protection system was just completed today. Thank you and your crews for the care of our home.

Jay M

Efficient, Early, Knowledgeable – Scott A

They were very efficient and early. They called me and moved up my scheduling. They are a good crew and very knowledgeable.

I was most satisfied with the efficiency, how quick and knowledgeable they were.

I would like to recognize the whole crew. Hershberger is a great group. I have had many friends use them and that’s how I knew about them.

Scott A

Good Worker to Help – Carol E

Dear Hershberger Co,

Thank you for sending a good worker out to help me this past spring.

The young man was helpful to me and explained the cause of the problem.

When time comes (probably sooner than later) I will call your company for roofing advice and estimate!

Carol E

New Roof Looks Fantastic – Robert B

Thanks so much.

Aidan and crew did a magnificent job and were respectful of our house and gardens.

Our new roof looks fantastic.

Robert B

Meticulously Detailed Work – Lauren B

Mr. Hershberger –

Bill, Ruby and I are so happy with your meticulously detailed work. You and your team do everything so thoughtfully, thoroughly and efficiently. You cleaned up and repaired all the old damage and “DIY” mistakes. You are connected to the most excellent tradesmen (notably Olin, Ray, Ray, etc).

Thank you for all the extras—our mudroom, the closet, the porch roof—all the things you figured out.

I’ve enjoyed seeing the progress and hearing Bill’s stories about the daily accomplishments and conversations.

Bill has really enjoyed this project—largely because of you.

We are so appreciative of the new life you’ve given our home. Thank you.

Lauren B

Roof and Cleanup Look Great – Tim and Darlene G

Thank you very much. The roof looks great. Appreciate the cleanup too.

Tim and Darlene G

Immediate Attention in Several Projects – David

Dear Hershberger Brothers:

Enclosed is payment for repairs to roof from damage by chimney cap. Thank you for all the immediate attention you have give us and our roofs, from installing new roofs on our house and garage, installing the snow guard on garage, and now the latest to repair our roof.

We again wish to express, you have done an outstanding job. Keep up the good work that you do, from start to finish.


House Looks Amazing – Amanda C

Thank you, our house looks amazing. The crew working here was wonderful. We appreciate all you have done. Bless you all.

Amanda C

Job Looks Really Good – The Pecka’s

Thank you—job looks really good!!

The Pecka’s
Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Metal Roof Looks Fantastic – Todd H

Thank you so much for my new metal roof. It looks fantastic and I am very very pleased with not only the workmanship but also the professionalism and courtesy shown by Jon Miller and his crew. I’m so impressed that I would also like a quote for a complete siding job as well, including a sliding glass door install. Please contact me to set up a time, or I will call Laban in the next few weeks. You will be easily recommended by me to anyone looking to have work on their home done.

Thanks again.

Todd H

House Looks Great – Cindy

Thank you, Andrew! My house looks great!


Roofs Look Great – Bill C

The roofs on the garage and the corn crib look great. However, the repair on the barn is not what I discussed with Laban.

Bill C

Wonderful Job on My Barn Roof – Rich S

Dear Andy,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful job that you guys did on my barn roof.

Please feel free to place a sign in my front yard on top of the hill for all to see.

Thanks again.

Rich S

Beautiful Roof – Allen and Jolene S

Thank you so much for the beautiful roof. We will gladly recommend your company. We hope to work with you again on future renovations.

Allen and Jolene S

Got the Job Done, No Shortcuts – Chuck G

It took a while because they were so busy and there was so much rain. They didn’t forget about me though.

They did everything they said they would do and they did it very well. They were also very efficient and he was a man of his word. A handshake was good enough with them.

I was most satisfied with their ability to get the job done and do it well, they took no shortcuts. They were very neat about their work also.

I would like to recognize John, he was a very kind man, he was a good listener, and he never talked down to me. He was very respectful and the whole crew was like that. They were good people to talk to and to do business with.

If anyone wants a recommendation I would be happy to give them one. These fellas were here and did what they said they would do. They went out of their way to be nice to me, that is what impressed me.

Chardon, Ohio

Chuck G
Chardon, Ohio

Pleasure Working with Your Company – Marcy W

Dear Hershberger Roofing (Andrew, Laban),

I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was working with your company beginning to end.

Laban was very professional, competent, knowledgeable and patient with my numerous questions and concerns.

Andrew was responsive in fielding my phone calls with even more questions I had regarding materials, scheduling, etc. He always returned my calls the very next day.

The crew that put on the roof and gutters were excellent. They arrived on time or before every day and worked consistently all day. Their work was like a well-oiled machine, each tending to a different task resulting in a very competent work method.

They answered all my questions as work progressed and never made me feel as if I was in the way.

Their attention to detail was noted and much appreciated. They were meticulous in application of roofing and gutter and went above and beyond in positioning the gutters to alleviate my water problems. (It hasn’t rained since completion, but I’m hopeful.)

I am very pleased with my roof and gutters and would not hesitate to recommend your services to one and all.

P.S. Cleanup was thorough—so instead of picking up nails and garbage (none) I only had to walk around my house and admire their work and my lovely roof.

Marcy W

Enjoying New Roof and Gutters – Robert and Margaret H

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for a job well done! We are enjoying our new roof and gutters. We have had many compliments on how it all looks and people have commented on the excellent workmanship.

The gentlemen you sent were organized and efficient. They did a great job.

Robert and Margaret H

Robert and Margaret H

Very Pleased with New Metal Roof – Dave and Sue W

Dear Hershberger Guys,

Thank you so much for our new metal roof and fixing the poles in the front. We are very pleased. Our old barn looks reborn. Thank you again.

Dave and Sue W

Quality Work – Joan

Thank you for your quality work.

Tenant asked, “When will other side be done?”

My answer: “Hopefully not in my lifetime unless you decide to buy the house.”


Referral to Neighbors – Maxine M

Pleasure working with you. Gave your name to the neighbors.

Maxine M

Very Efficient, Work Done Fast and Well, Good Cleanup – Anne M

The work crew was very efficient. Work was done fast and very good. The cleanup was very good. Thank you all for your hard work.

Anne M

Highly Recommend This Company – Jaye H

I found this company on the BBB website and decided to go with them for a rather large exterior renovation project which included new roof and gutters, vinyl siding, stone veneer on the front of the property, windows, front and garage entry doors, and patio door. The project was completed ahead of schedule (no rain which had been an ongoing issue for contractors prior to the start of my project), and while there was one “hiccup” regarding the gutters, that issue was handled beautifully and quickly resolved. I highly recommend this company and appreciate the crew of four that took the exterior of my home down to the bare bones, re-wrapped it as if it were new construction, and put it all back together again in less than 8 days. Their craftsmanship and work ethic has far exceeded my expectations, I have no regrets. Absolutely Outstanding!

Jaye H
Maple Heights, Ohio

New Roof Looks Great – Ernest B

Thank you for the new roof. Looks great. A neighbor was already raving about it.

Ernest B

Nice Job on My Roof, Exceptional Foreman – Peter J

Dear Mr. Hershberger:

I wanted to thank you for a nice job on my roof.

John, your foreman was exceptional. He made sure we were always informed and made sure my yard was clean after each day.

I will not hesitate to recommend your firm.

Peter J
Chardon, Ohio

Beautiful Deck is a Traffic Stopper – Bonny

Deck is beautiful! It’s a traffic stopper!! What a great crew!!


Expert at Their Trade – Peggy L

We are so delighted with the new look of our home as a result of your expertise. We will enjoy our front porch for years to come. All our neighbors are complimenting the new look. The organizing and speed of completion of the project has been truly amazing. All of the staff from Laban through all of the craftsmen, including the gutter crew, were expert at their trade. Thanks so much…

Peggy L
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